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The organization works on some of the cutting edge technologies that Samsung Electronics ventures into. It also displays a high degree of efficacy in the creation and protection of Intellectual Property.


Currently home to about 3,000 intellects, SRI-B is involved in stupendous research and development gaining expertise in making software which is backed by leading edge technologies that are in sync with ever-changing lifestyles.


With an objective to spearhead Samsung´s initiatives in India, SRI-B is playing significant role introducing global technologies customized for the Indian requirements. It contributes to different technologies such as Wireless, Networking, Convergence, Digital and Semi-conductor.


The Indian chapter of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) contributes to research and software development for Samsung’s future technologies and businesses in the areas of Information Technology, Biotechnology, Nanotechnologies and their convergence.


Another area of research where SRI-B plays significant role is the Next eXperiences Team (NXT) which focuses on developing innovative concepts for Samsung products through user research and design with a special focus on mobile devices.